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Sunna Kimono embroidered rose-beige

Sunna Kimono embroidered rose-beige

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100% Silk

One size

Flower embroideries in the front

Japanese sleeves

Model is 175 cm and wears size 36

This piece is unique

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No. 33


The "Sunna Radiance Kimono" — a stunning embodiment of sustainable allure, seamlessly blending Japanese design with the luminous inspiration drawn from the Norse goddess of the sun, Sunna. Crafted from ethereal recycled saree silk, this kimono is a testament to eco-conscious fashion that radiates both elegance and a deep connection to nature.

The Sunna Radiance Kimono captures the essence of the sunlit goddess with its exquisite tie-dye patterns, artfully created using a palette of rich, vegetable colors. Each swirl and hue pays homage to the brilliance of Sunna, infusing the garment with a warmth and vibrancy that mirrors the celestial glow of the sun. As you don this kimono, you embody the radiance of the goddess herself.

Crafted from recycled saree silk, this kimono is a celebration of sustainability and repurposing. The fabric, with its luxurious feel, not only graces the wearer with comfort but also tells a tale of conscious fashion and environmental responsibility. Sunna's inspiration breathes life into every thread, creating a wearable masterpiece that transcends mere clothing.

Japanese design elements adorn the Sunna Radiance Kimono, presenting a harmonious fusion of traditional aesthetics and modern allure. The flowing silhouette, wide sleeves, and meticulous attention to detail reflect the precision of craftsmanship, echoing the timeless elegance of both Japanese design and the radiant spirit of Sunna.

Whether draped casually for everyday glamour or worn as a statement piece for special occasions, the Sunna Radiance Kimono is a versatile testament to your commitment to both style and sustainability. Embrace the divine glow of Sunna and shine with conscious fashion that illuminates not just your wardrobe but also the path towards a more eco-friendly future.

Step into the light with the Sunna Radiance Kimono — where recycled luxury meets the luminosity of a goddess. Redefine your style, embrace the radiance within.


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