OYA Studio is a high-frequency sacred luxury brand that elevates fashion into an experience of spiritual and physical harmony. In the same way that everything in the universe carries a frequency, so do the clothes we wear. These frequencies influence our daily lives profoundly because they are in constant contact with our skin, affecting our energy and well-being.

At OYA Studio, our kimonos are meticulously crafted to embody the highest frequencies. During production, each piece is infused with sacred mantras, prayers, blessings and charged with the highest frequencies, so that every kimono vibrates with a unique, high-frequency energy. This meticulous process ensures that every kimono becomes a vessel of divine energy, a sacred garment that calls out to its wearer, resonating on a deeply personal level.

Wearing an OYA kimono is not just an aesthetic choice but a spiritual experience. Each kimono's frequency harmonizes with the wearer's energy, creating a sense of peace, balance, and alignment. When you try on our kimonos, you will feel the one that is perfect for you, as it will resonate with your own unique frequency, calling out to you and enveloping you in its sacred energy.

OYA Studio transcends traditional luxury fashion, merging elegance with sustainability, spirituality, and cultural fusion. Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that fashion can be a conduit for opulence and environmental responsibility while profoundly influencing our spiritual well-being.

Our flagship product, the exquisite recycled saree silk kimono, is handcrafted from carefully sourced vintage sarees. Each kimono tells a unique story of Indian craftsmanship and design, blending vibrant colors and intricate patterns with the luxurious touch of recycled silk. This commitment to luxury and sustainability is evident in every piece, transforming it into wearable art.

Our artisanal process incorporates the ancient technique of tie-dye, where skilled craftsmen use wax resist and organic vegetable dyes to create mesmerizing patterns. This method not only preserves traditional art forms but also promotes eco-conscious practices.

Core Values:High-Frequency Sacred Luxury:Every kimono is a manifestation of high-frequency energy, infused with mantras and blessings, creating a sacred garment that enhances the wearer's spiritual and physical well-being.

Sustainability:OYA embraces circular fashion by upcycling vintage sarees, reducing waste, and using environmentally friendly dyeing methods to minimize its carbon footprint.

Cultural Fusion:By blending Indian and Japanese aesthetics, OYA celebrates diversity and fosters cross-cultural appreciation, creating breathtaking designs that honor both traditions.

Artistry:The meticulous craftsmanship behind each kimono showcases the skills of artisans, who are valued and compensated fairly, ensuring ethical labor practices.

Conscious Luxury:Redefining luxury to encompass elegance and responsible consumption, OYA's kimonos become symbols of mindful indulgence.

Community Empowerment:OYA collaborates with local artisans, promoting their crafts and providing them with a global platform, while a percentage of profits supports marginalized communities.

OYA Studio is more than a brand; it is a conscious movement intertwining heritage, sustainability, spirituality, and luxury into a single, elegant thread. Through our high-frequency recycled saree silk kimonos, tie-dyed with vegetable colors, OYA Studio redefines fashion as a canvas to showcase both our aesthetic sense and our commitment to the planet and our spiritual well-being.